Prisvinnende sykkeldesign med mange nyttige detaljer

"DENNY" vant konkurransen "The Bike Design Project" i USA og kommer snart i produksjon. Det er Fuji Bikes som skal produsere sykkelen og planen er at den også kommer til Europa.

Teamet som designet "DENNY" var TEAGUE x SIZEMORE BICYCLE.

Som den perfekte bysykkelen har "DENNY" elektrisk motor. En smart detalj er at batteriet er plassert i bagasjebrettet foran. Av andre revolusjonerende detaljer kan nevnes at styret brukes til lås, små børster som fungerer som skjermer, blinlys og bremselys.

Stilren sykkel
Stilren sykkelFoto: Andy Bokanev

Stilren sykkel
Perfekt styre for en bysykkel
El-motor montert på forhjul
Batteriet er plassert i bagasjebrettet
Bagasjebrett med stropper
Fungerer som skjermer
Lys front
Styet er lås
Lås sykkelen med styret

Det blir ingen produksjon

Dessverre blir det ingen produsjon av "DENNY". skrev på sin blog 2. juni 2016; It’s with heavy hearts we announce that the DENNY bike will not be moving into production.

In 2014 TEAGUE took on a challenge to design and build the bike of the future. The DENNY bike went on to win the Oregon Manifest Bike Design Project, and the ultimate prize: a production run sponsored by Fuji Bikes.

Fans from more than 150 countries across the globe cast their vote for DENNY. After winning, the most important thing to us was collaborating to produce the bike that you voted for—a bike for the people, voted on by the people.

The DENNY bike won the Bike Design Project because it offered the very features that avid and would-be bicycle users want that the cycling industry doesn’t currently provide. Throughout the process we were prepared to compromise on features, so long as the production bike remained true to the spirit of the original DENNY concept. Unfortunately, because some of the DENNY features were so innovative and pushed what is possible to produce today on so many levels, manufacturing restrictions have made mass production, at this time, impossible.

We, along with our partners—Fuji and Oregon Manifest—put our heart and soul into this project. After two years of development, to say we’re disappointed would be an understatement. We also know this is a huge disappointment for DENNY fans, and for that we’re sincerely sorry.

Challenging the status quo is the only way to spark change—it’s our hope is that the legacy of DENNY will carry forward in future products that make cycling an easier choice for potential riders.